Media: Microsoft wants to bring the Game Pass even for smart TVs


Expect the juicy details on the internet, after all of the geo video and Windows Central, there is a media Brad Sams from thurott continue to shed light on Microsoft’s plans for future world games, and seem to have some radical changes to the market.

And according to Brad Sams, Microsoft would want to bring a Game Pass for all the devices possible, and this includes even the smart TVs of the company Samsung Korean. Is not confirms that there is an agreement already, but there are initiatives in this direction and in the direction and switch next to smart devices.

Brad Sams stated that the beginning of the year 2020 is the earliest time you may get Game Pass for your Switch, and the games not available on the platform will be cloud-based by xCloud, and that does not require more than an internet connection to work.

Finally, he assured Brad that Microsoft has big announcements coming for service in the Shopping Gallery and E-Entertainment at E3 2019.

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