Me, I Sport the launch site to view the evidence of piracy to me, Otto, Q

It seems that the reins are not by hand as we thought, and is in the reach of the management of the channels of me that sport and their rights will be given to you rapidly, this shadow was located based on the source of the convention on the rights of this package and run it, but things didn’t as it was the middle of complaints made by the channel against the package of channels my OTA que not produced the desired results, which resorted to beIN for the creation of a special website to view the details of the crime of piracy. This site with me, I Sport carries the name of the package to store charges

beIN MEDIA GROUP know in this site in English all the details related to the case, and with my Otto que piracy, is here accusing the stringent “Saudi Arabia” of being behind these channels being of work on the management of the moon Arabsat.

Since the August 2017 since I came out the channels of my Oto Q to the digital space and not expect me to sport for her by all means available and possible, and since I was starting with website that works on piracy of broadcast beIN down to provide devices, especially with the pirated turn on their owners millions of dollars a year without effort or cost real.

And reeling in huge amounts of broadcast and advertising companies that know in advance of pirated content

There is no doubt that we as learners appreciate the anger management I Sport who arrived D in the last period especially after I did my Oto Q depending on info belonging to him as if it’s going okay.
The image dimension was stolen from “I Sport” and two of “my Oto Q”. !!

When will this “God I know” and will I Sport, as the product of “God knows”… let’s wait and see the feasibility of the recent escalation carried out by me, I Sport.

To follow up on the new website established by the beIN MEDIA GROUP, visit the following link:

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