May be the use of technology and artificial intelligence to relieve the owners of the code courtesy


Just as is the case with cooking or drawing or writing, when it comes to programming, every programmer has his personal preference of how to develop algorithms, how to tie certain parts of the code together, this leads in the end to create a kind of ” personal touch “. Has been found the researchers now it can use machine learning technology to help in the identification of the source code, even though it was written anonymously.

This according to Rachel Greenstadt, an assistant professor in Computer Science at Drexel University, which in collaboration with Aylin Caliskan who was a Ph. D. student earlier, and is now an adjunct professor at the George Washington University, presented their findings to the hacking conference Defcon 2018.

The way it works is that artificial intelligence is fed with examples of the work of the programmer to study the code that says write. From there, you will be able to train himself to be able to discover the work of the programmer in the future. Based on tests conducted using the Google Code Jam, it seemed that the artificial intelligence they have a good relatively because he was able to identify programmers in 83% of the time.

If in stating that? May be useful in the investigation of cases of penetration, or select from the established specific parts of the malware, which is usually unidentified. Can also use this artificial intelligence in legal cases where they may be accused of one of the developers the other by its code source. But the downside to this is privacy, where there may be some cases that you may choose to be coders to be anonymous for certain reasons, the ability to determine their identity is not necessarily a good thing.


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