May be the official announcement of the Xiaomi phone BlackShark 2 on the 23rd day of October

xiaomi black shark

Phone games BlackShark 2 law of company Xiaomi is still a big mystery, because we’ve got in the past for some leaks only related to this phone. However, it seems that the company is eager to launch it at the global level in its official website the world on the internet, it is likely that we now know when will this phone.

Was posted what seems like an official sticker, and on the date of announcement of the phone, which is the 23rd of October, exactly at 18:00 local time. Since the poster in Chinese, we assume that it will be launched globally beginning from there.


However, we can’t be absolutely sure of the credibility of this picture, and the fact that we haven’t heard anything directly from Xiaomi company indicates that we probably shouldn’t be excited too much.



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