May be in the near future to use Touch ID to autofill to get the browser Safari

MacBook Pro 2018 ---

When did Apple include sensor fingerprint Touch ID on the computers of the MacBook Pro, it seemed like a good idea and a quick way to log on to your laptop in addition to the secure payment processes. But regardless of that, the fingerprint this does not say anything else. However, that could change in the near future with the expansion of the company Apple functions this feature.

According to the evidence that had been monitored in the trial version the newest system MacOS 10.14.4, it appears that Apple has decided to expand the functions that can be Sensor fingerprint Touch ID done on computers, MacBook Pro, and one of the new functions acquired by this sensor includes the automatic filling ( Autofill ) to get the browser to Safari in system MacOS. This means that if you use the browser Safari on a MacBook Pro Your you have a great number of details saved, such as your name and e-mail address and home address etc., will help the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID to authenticate yourself by filling in those fields.

At the moment, can use the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID on the MacBook Pro to open your laptop, and make a payment using Apple Pay, in addition to insurance purchases on iTunes and the App Store. It would be great to see Apple is also working on increasing the feature functions Touch Bar on the computers MacBook Pro, which still feel like a new feature. There seems to be no mention of it in the trial version latest MacOS, but this is something we are sure that Angel MacBook Pro and want to see it.


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