May be in the near future to support running WhatsApp on tablet the iPad


Was using WhatsApp is limited to a large extent on mobile devices like our smart phones, but the good news is that if you use your iPad towards the great and you love to reply to Messages WhatsApp on this device, you may get the chance to do so soon. This according to a report from account WABetaInfo which claims that WhatsApp will tablet and iPad soon.

Based on the photos that have been posted, it appears that WhatsApp will get a new user interface completely on tablet and iPad, where one side contacts that you talk to her, while showing the other side of the messages. Given that Apple markets the tablet, the iPad Pro as an alternative to laptops, the presence of WhatsApp on the iPad may make the latter more convincing to consumers.

In the past, users found an alternative solution to make WhatsApp works on the iPad. This is done by accessing the web version of WhatsApp through the browser Safari, but the company later withdrew this feature. However, if this discovery is true, it seems that users of the iPad will be able to use WhatsApp on tablet of their own soon. There is no information about the launch date of the app, so we’ll have to wait and see what will happen in the end.

We’re not sure of the reason that WhatsApp takes all this time to provide support for the iPad, but we believe that come late better than not to come never, right?


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