Mati Greenspan: Bitcoin may reach 2000 or $ 20,000 in the next two months

Chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan explained the reasons for the fall of Bitcoin in a recent interview with Bitcoinist. Greenspan said that closely following the cryptocurrency market and sees nothing unusual in the sharp course corrections crypts.

The fall of Bitcoin prices is a common thing

Most popular publications in one voice insists on communication of the market situation with the hacking on the stock exchange Coinrail. Why you disagree with them?

Media are often looking for news that could be related to any noticeable movement in the market. I think this is an exaggeration. We’ve already seen hacks of major exchanges, which was only a price increase of Bitcoin. At this stage Coinrail consistently worked with other exchanges, so the damage from this attack remained practically unnoticed.

So why is Bitcoin still falling? Do you think it’s just a course correction or something more serious?

No, with Bitcoin now everything is in absolute order. The cryptocurrency had previously experienced dramatic cycles of UPS and downs. Take a look at the price movement of BTC on a logarithmic scale. Note the period of time in 2011. Then the price rose from 30 cents to 30 dollars for six months. Then it dropped to two dollars before starting a new bullish trend.

Earlier in the news appeared information about the manipulation rate with the help of Tether and exchange Bitfinex. Do you think this is just FUD, or something more?

It’s too early to say at this stage of the investigation. If Tether is really involved in dirty deeds, a punishment from the CFTC will not take long.

It seems that the Bitcoin is currently going through several stages of adoption of technology. On what segment of the chart, we are at the moment?

Last bullrun definitely attracted the attention of the world community. Legalization of cryptocurrency in India can be a key element in making the crypt at the international level.

Where, in your opinion, is the bottom price for Bitcoin? For example, Tony Weiss called the level of 4975 dollars it the most “optimistic” forecast. You agree with him?

I’ve always agreed with Tony, now I have no reason to break this tradition. This level can indeed serve as a good psychological support line. And yet, Bitcoin has the tendency to break any and all levels. Its price can reach 2000 or $ 20,000 in the next two months. Any of these outcomes not much will surprise me.

As the senior analyst at eToro, you notice a decrease in trading volumes? The number of new users to your platform decreased?

Yes, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency has really reduced since January last year. But the market can still see a lot of unpredictable and sudden price movements. The stock market strongly “cooled” over the past couple of months, many new investors are looking at other assets and show good results using the profitability of our trading strategy.

How do you think which indicator of the cryptocurrency’s most overrated – capitalization, the index of dominance of Bitcoin or something else?

Yes, these indicators pay too much attention. I prefer to consider the more relevant indicators like prices mining or network usage. It is likely that these metrics play a much more important role in the analysis.

Altcoins traditionally fall faster main cryptocurrencies, this bearish trend is no exception. Why is this happening and when Alta finally be able to exist apart from Bitcoin?

The top altcoins more stable only because they have the largest capitalization. To drain these coins need more pressure from the bears. But to influence the cryptocurrencies with less liquidity much easier. I’m not sure that we need the independence of altcoins. Traditional stock markets are also very much independent of each other, up to this point has not been seen in their addiction a big problem.

Some investors believe that the end of this year will begin a new bullrun Bitcoin. Historically, this is confirmed by the annual pattern of conduct cryptocurrency adoption Network Lightning also increases the chances of a trend change. You adhere to such a scenario?

Years in different markets has taught me that it is impossible to be optimistic, you should always prepare for the worst. Diversify your portfolio and tune in for the long term. This is the best way to achieve success.

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