Mate 20 Pro — poor wireless charging

Smartphone Mate Pro 20 received, among other things, a very interesting feature — the ability to act as wireless charging. It is possible to Mate 20 Pro to put some kind of device with support for wireless charging and it will charge from the Huawei flagship.

However, in our video about the 5 major chip smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro Roma said that if you want to charge your smartphone, then your idea is not particularly successful, as everything will be slow.

After watching the video with Roma Experts Android Authority decided to test how slow. They took Pixel 3 and charged it in three different ways: via the network memory through the docking station, Pixel Stand (10 watt) and through Mate 20 Pro.

As you can see, came out so-so. In the case when, instead of wireless charging are you using the new Huawei power is somewhere at the level of 2.5 watts, that is twice lower than in the simplest of charges Qi.

Yes, in some emergency situations, it can help out. But in General, when talking about charging so smartphone it is a feature to boast. However, if, for example, a smart watch or wireless headphones feature seems much more viable. In any case, given the considerable price Mate Pro 20, let it be.

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