Mastercard has patented a system of anonymous transfers on the blockchain

In March Mastercard payment refused from working with an anonymous cryptocurrency Dash, and zcash for Monero. Representatives of the company explained this decision by the need to track transactions. Now Mastercard patented technology anonymous payments into the blockchain. This writes

Payment systems are implementing the blockchain

The patent published on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks (USPTO). The company believes that the main obstacle to the introduction of the blockchain — the excessive transparency of the technology. Businesses are not in a hurry to use a distributed registry because I don’t want the competitors were able to keep track of their sensitive data. For example, the volume of transactions.

The development of Mastercard allows companies to contract and to determine in advance his conditions, however, individual transactions under such agreement it is impossible to trace. Therefore, the third party will be able to track participants in the transaction.

The system will allow you to make anonymous transactions without the use of cryptocurrencies on the type of Dash, and zcash for Monero, the newspaper notes. However, the lack of access to data by third parties does not mean that Mastercard will not store them. In the future the payment system will be able to cooperate with police and regulators for disclosure of economic crimes.

Mastercard previously patented system protection coupon codes on the blockchain and method that increase the efficiency of data transmission. The payment system is actively interested in Baccano, but not yet launched any service based on a distributed registry. A patent for a technology does not mean that it will be implemented and will be available to all users.

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