Master & Dynamic launches headset MW07 Go wireless at a price of $ 199

A new version of the wireless headsets provided by the company Master & Dynamic in-ear MW07 Go, which can support the user throughout the day or when you exercise, with a price of $ 199.

Another alternative for Apple wireless AirPod offers today from the company Master & Dynamic, where the company unveiled a headset MW07 Go that come with the level of pricing on the same level as the pricing of the headset Apple, and less versions of the Sony وSennheiser of wireless headsets.

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Provided the company Master & Dynamic, the two new versions of wireless headsets in MW07 Plus وMW07 Go today, so come the new versions longer battery life with a larger scale to Bluetooth.

I have designed company Master & Dynamic headphone MW07 Go particularly to support the user in various tasks, where they can provide support to good use throughout the day, or in sporting activities, featuring a fish design, is smaller by 15% from the original version MW07, and supports standards IPX6 for water resistance.

Also featuring a clear design of composite TR90 which is one of the materials used in the manufacture of glasses, also come to hear of MW07 Go with three distinctive units of different sizes in the outskirts of heaven, and to conform to the user’s ear to support the installation better, as you can use the phone without these units also.

The headset MW07 Go two microphones to receive calls, which supports the purification of the sounds and ambient noise in crowded places, how come the sky the same tools and buttons of the operating and control at the level of phonetics, where the button comes control the level of audio in the left side, while the right side button multi-tasks, such as playback, pause, skip tracks playlist, or activate the plugin default.

Headset MW07 Go does not include a cancellation feature, ambient noise or sensor proximity to auto when you wear the heavens as in MW07 Plus, they will enter the user’s age charge up to 10 hours, as characterized by the portfolio of shipping design out of aluminum with a cover of fabric, with LED indicator to detect the progress of the shipment, as add clipboard age of charging up to 12 hours.

It is planned to apply the headset MW07 Go with the colors blue, black along with red color, gray, that are available in Best Buy on the 20th of October at a price of $ 199.


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