Mass shooting at its Video Games in America

Resulted in shooting beauty noon today killing three people, including a shooter, during the events of its Madden NFL games in the city of Jacksonville.

Reported to the police that there were 11 people have been injured, suffered the 9 of them multiple gunshot wounds, but fortunately, I began the case of many of them independent, with the exception of one person suffering from several shots in the chest, which is in serious condition now.

Authorities ID shooter, where he revealed that one of the players the age of 24 years and the name of David Katz, has died after he shot himself.

Know Katz as the player serves, where he won a championship material in Pilsen 2017, referred several people to miss the passion during the games, not someone looking to make new friends, but cares about winning.

This has been noted by several witnesses that the player had lost in the games previously during the day, has targeted several people, entertained people on the five other players at least before he committed suicide.

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