Mark’s fear of the growth of the estate was the reason for the resignation of the founding

I took the Facebook application instead of one billion US dollars in 2012. In the seven years that saved from then, he moved application to share photos, short video clips of this specialization, to a fertile area for e-commerce.

Recently, revealed the main reasons behind the resignation of the founders of the application Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, so that they don’t agree with Mark Zuckerberg on the future of the app.

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According to Wired, expect Mark Zuckerberg to encourage users of the Facebook application the main on the publication on the estate, and instead wanted to keep them in the main application, where the observed growth of the application of the estate because of the tools of profit with Facebook, including features to share content between applications, access to friends on Facebook instead.

The report suggests that Zuckerberg felt the fear of the growth of the estate on the Facebook account, so request of the chairman of the Department of growth apply instead to establish a list of all the ways they contributed to achieving this growth is to stop it, and informed Zuckerberg founders instead of this procedure, which bother them, which involved their fears of the staff.

Did Kevin Systrom co-founder instead publish a memo to all staff explains the decision of Mark Zuckerberg to stop linking Facebook instead, indicating that he did not agree to this step, but it is committed to it, the report indicates that this note caused the problem within the company, which seems to have forced co-founder to go on vacation.

As soon as you return from the Leave, inform the founders Freya do they think of departure, and the news to the press, precipitating the process of quitting.

In addition, the report indicates that the interventions of the Mark, see the ongoing in the management of the estate, especially in terms of design and the new nurses did not like the founders, who they had supported and fixed on the design of the application, as the Mark see under the appearance of them on the covers of magazines only ear them, according to the report.

Source: Wired

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