Marketing genius: how the founder of Tron may not raise the rate of coins by using tweets

Founder of Tron Justin San, without a doubt, a marketing genius. It is known that the market is growing along with the growth of Bitcoin. The aggression of the developer in relation to the competitors on Twitter and attempts to artificially stabilize the market Tron rather detrimental to the coin than allows it to grow. Here are five examples of bad tweets entrepreneur.

12 Oct. In an attempt to stabilize the exchange rate of TRX after falling a day earlier, Justin San in his Twitter wrote that the deal with a certain industrial giant, which is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. Company name not disclosed.

Whether or not to buy Tron

A few days later in the media there are hundreds of messages about Tron deal with Chinese Internet giant Baidu, which the company will develop a cloud service Baidu Cloud. But four days later no confirmation of the agreement has not been received, and the rate of Tron has grown slightly. All the community saw that the market for coins not so many bulls, and the price of TRX is unlikely to grow in the near future.

8 Oct. San said that Tron is 200 times faster Ethereum and 100 times cheaper EOS. The market capitalization of the coins almost instantly fell from 1.7 to 1.5 billion dollars. Soon after the announcement of updates to Odyssey network 3.1 the owner has acted with new portion of criticism of Ethereum and EOS, however, the decline has not stopped.

In response Justin received reports of followers, who demanded the return of the lost money. Some of them have invested after a tweet about an important update.

October 6: businessman on Twitter there was a message about starting the network TVM and offer developers to migrate to it from EOS and Ethereum. Thanks to the standard token-TRC-20 (note the similarity of the ERC-20 to a TRC-20), the deployment of smart contracts will be improved synchronization, said in a statement. In the coins increased, but after a day fell lower than during the announcement of the launch of the network.

September 29. Sana tweet about the explosion of the popularity of Tron and that the daily volume of transactions on the network TRX higher than that of EOS and Ethereum, again briefly revived the market.

September 23. Justin of the San in response to a complaint by the developer of decentralized applications on the Ethereum invites him to abandon the blockchain the coins and go to Tron. According to him, from Ethereum dApp, there are problems with bandwidth, whereas Tron is 100 times faster.

Seem to posts Justin should be treated carefully. The next positive news might be nice to drop the course.


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