Market wearable devices is slowing down, and hours Apple facing sports

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It was the first quarter of this year has been slow for the market of wearable devices, at least according to IDC, specializing in market research which reported that it grew by 1.2 percent, reaching a total of 25.1 million units. However, wearable devices expensive than the Apple TV, and Fitbit brands specialized in fashion fulfilled her promise.

Grew shipments of the Apple Watch by 13.5 percent on an annual basis, this is probably due to the launch of the LTE version of the smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 in more areas. Come company Xiaomi ranked third in terms of market share, but its got 1.8 percent of the money due to just having the lowest price among the top five.

Made smart watch Fitbit Versa some success and helped the company Fitbit in maintaining ranked second, despite a sharp decline in Shipments. I have demonstrated the fitness tracking features that focus on the female its popularity which is used by over 2 million users.

Company reserves the Huawei’s sub-brand Honor affiliate-oriented network ranked fourth thanks to a large range of smart watches and other smart devices other that meet the needs of anyone ranging from children through to Fitness enthusiasts. Doubled the share of Huawei in the market compared with last year, although its success is still in the most restricted in Asia.

Criticize IDC Garmin for being slow in adopting the features of the operating platforms used in other smart watches, but the launch of Garmin Pay with the ability to play music has increased the popularity of their products. It is interesting to find the smart clothing has experienced strong growth by 58.6% on a year-round, although they are still in the early days, the smart fitness bands represent 95% of the market of wearable devices.


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