Market panic ahead of the report, Apple may 1

May 1, Apple is expected to report its results for the first calendar quarter of 2018 (second fiscal quarter), and analysts seem nervous: this time, no one can confidently say what indicators will tell the Corporation. The mood on wall street is close to “panic”, according to Reuters.

The situation is complicated by the large number of rumors lately. Many say that sales of the iPhone X has not met the expectations of Apple, while others deny this. Of adds fuel to the fire and conflict with Qualcomm, Apple, but here the company has a fallback in the face of Intel.

The report will allow you to learn a lot of new interesting information about Apple. In particular, the company will publish official data on sales of iPhone, iPad and Mac. Of course, we should not expect that the indicators will be the same as during the Christmas holidays.

During the last quarterly report Apple said that it intends to obtain from 60 to 62 billion dollars at the end of the second quarter. Over the same period last year Apple made a profit of approximately $ 44 billion.

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