Market delivery in Egypt of seeking to double its stake within a year and a half

ابس عربي متجر تطبيقات

جلوفو تسعى لمضاعفة حصتها خلال عام ونصفOf seeking to double its stake within a year and a half

An executive said in of Egypt the company is targeting an assault ahead market delivery participatory in Egypt during the 18 months with a share of 50 percent, up from 21 percent currently.

Of a Spanish company to connect applications across the mobile application was founded in 2015 and currently working in approximately 300 cities around the world and entered the Egyptian market for the first time in May 2018.

Said Mostafa Kamel Director of sales during an interview with Reuters that the number of members of the connectivity working with of up to ”12 thousand, captain, currently, of whom 2500 to three thousand the captain of the active and working daily.

”We spend hundreds of thousands of requests per month at the current time and target exceeded a million requests per month in 2021, increasing the number of mounts to 16 a captain by the end of 2020 and increase activity to between four and six thousand“.

Help of its clients in the purchase and delivery of products within the same city, in collaboration with the peace businesses in various sectors.

He said the whole of which works in the of since its entry into Egypt”, food accounted for 95% of applications when we started working in Egypt currently, fell to around 72 percent… work in Egypt with more than a thousand of the bar, including a McDonald’s… more partners in the food sector and we add a month around 120 new partners in different sectors.

”All companies to connect applications in Egypt through mobile applications constitute up to 25 percent of market deliveries, there is still 75% of customers rely on the hotline numbers in the plug… you in front of the market is very promising in Egypt, especially with the growth of the smartphone market“.

Compete of in Egypt with companies such as ask and AWeber it uses.

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