Mark Zuckerberg ordering the executives at Facebook to stop use of phones iPhone

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It seems that the criticism made by CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook to buy Facebook didn’t receive Mark Zuckerberg positively. It is estimated that Facebook’s CEO, told executives in the company to stop using the iPhone and start using Android phones instead. It is estimated that Mark Zuckerberg tell them of the need to move to Android phones because the operating system belonging to Google has the sense to use the highest compared to iOS.

He was the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook has criticized Facebook Inc. because of the way it deals with users ‘ privacy after the scandal Cambridge Analytica. Mr. Tim Cook at the time : ” we’re not looking at your personal life“, adding that ” privacy is a human right and civil freedom “.

Was Tim Cook in his remarks emphasized that Apple made a conscious decision to provide privacy for profit because they refuse to sell customer data so stated by saying : ” we can get a great deal of money if we analyze our clients to money – if our products, but we chose not to do so “.

Marc was see may reply shortly after when he was asked about the comments of Tim Cook by saying : ” largely spontaneous “. He also said in an interview with Recode : ” I think it’s important that we don’t get all Stockholm Syndrome and that we expect the companies that work hard to convince you more that they care about you more, in fact. Because this seems ridiculous to me. “

It is unclear whether the executives at Facebook have moved from using iPhone to Android phones because Facebook has not yet commented on this report.



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