“Mark Zuckerberg” join”group” on Facebook dedicated to “mini”

A recent report from Business Insider the British that day last Thursday. something happened very strange sparked controversy on Facebook, as noted by some to be “Mark Zuckerberg” the founder and CEO of Facebook joined a group or “group” on Facebook under the name “Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% of the Tweens“.

صور ساخرة لماركSpoof picture of Mark

It’s a private group on Facebook, but there’s no need to be a graduate of the University specific to be accepted request to join, and the participation of many charming pictures “Mia” especially at Harvard University and”applies to any group of intellectuals and pretentious wealthy” within that group.

انضمام زوكربيرج للمجموعةJoin the Zuckerberg group

And no one knows why he joined the “Zuckerberg”, who launched the Facebook in his bedroom at Harvard, then withdrew to focus on the social network, to the group that revolves around participation of charming pictures, especially that “Zuckerberg” does not have any significant activity away from his account.

تعليق زوكربيرجComment Zuckerberg

According to “Business Insider” wrote of the “Zuckerberg” of the group, commenting “This group is fantastic,” the publication of the participants many of the images of the witch “Mia” that make fun of “Zuckerberg” replied friendly, and did not know, Facebook is officially on this until now and denies that this is the account of “Zuckerberg” himself.

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