Mark Zuckerberg called podcast

In January, posted Mark Zuckerberg posted on his personal account to Facebook announcing the New Year’s resolution. After a year of scandals, successive, he wanted Zuckerberg to suffer publicly significant questions about the place of technology in society, explaining that he is able to cope with the power of the largest social network in the world in a thoughtful manner.

Now, the implementation of this resolution, as launched Mark Zuckerberg podcast in the name of the technical society, the publication of the first loop that go where Mathias DΓΆpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, and discussed with him the impact of social media on journalism.

New podcast alert πŸ“’ This year Mark Zuckerberg is hosting discussions on the future of tech and society. Listen along:β€” Facebook (@facebook) April 24, 2019

Scheduled to be published another episode in February to host a law professor at Harvard University Jonathan oily, who conducted extensive research about technology policy and how to regulate companies such as Facebook.

It is not clear the number of episodes of the podcast, or its availability on a large scale. At the present time, hosted a podcast on Spotify only, is expected to launch on the app Podcast iPhone and SoundCloud.

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