Mapping service Google Maps will start displaying data availability and live to electric vehicle charging stations

Google Maps for ios

I easy Google life to electric car users thanks to the update the latest mapping application Google Maps. And now for your electric car get live information about charging stations available for use in both the United States and the United Kingdom don’t even have to spend some time in waiting to become one of the charging stations available.

Query simple search ” EV Charging Stations ” will be shown the nearest police station and also information availability. According to Google, you’ll users are able to see details such as port types and speed of shipping, and availability together with pictures and information and comments from other drivers. The company said Google it partnered with Chargermaster and EVgo, SemaConnect and Chargepoint to provide this data.

This update is available for Google Maps on the computer while users will be mobile devices update apps Google Maps their via the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Of course, we hope to make this feature its way to more countries soon.


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