Map Ookla to track places the launch of the 5G global

Is the fifth-generation networks 5G one of the leading technology trends for the current year, and future years, as describes by many as the technology that will change the world, and through their significant impact on the global economy.

After years of preparation, started 5G to emerge in the city after the other in some states, is considered the 5G the biggest development in the portable devices after nearly a decade of asking the networks fourth generation 4G LTE.

Expected in accordance with Itu GSMA to support the fifth-generation networks download speed up to 10 GB, have up the response time, or the time it takes to send data to 1 only milliseconds, but even now you can not all cities benefit from this technique, because the availability of the fifth-generation networks depends on a variety of factors, including: government regulation, and technological improvements by network operators, in addition to the role played by the development of portable devices.

In spite of this; there are a number of networks of the fifth generation that works in some areas currently, the company Ookla – the Royal tool to measure the speed of internet famous Speedtest – has launched an interactive map to bear the name Ookla’s 5G map; which indicate the presence of 303 5G network is currently deployed in 294 cities around the world, and operated by management 20 telecommunications companies.

Map Ookla:

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خريطة Ookla لتتبع أماكن إطلاق شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G عالميًا

Show map Ookla the number of 5G in each state, and the service provider, type of service available on each network, and will update this map weekly information available about launches as they happen, and will provide updates and also on the designated account on Twitter, as there is a section on the map to view the latest tweets posted on this account.

You can do by repeating parts of the map, pressing the circles on the cities for more detailed information including: city name, a list of operators who had raised fifth-generation networks, the situation of young people in the region.

Divided state of the network displayed on the map into two types in terms of availability, namely: the limited availability, and commercial networks, and limited availability Limited availability that the network exists, but it is limited to a certain number of users, this means that the network is being tested before being made available to a wider audience.

While the commercial availability Commercially available: to access the network of the fifth generation of the actual use, as can any consumer purchasing a device that supports this network and start using it immediately.

The whereabouts of the 5G global:

Switzerland is the leading country globally in the networks of the fifth generation at the moment, so expect the fifth-generation networks for commercial use in 225 locations, and two operators namely: Swisscom and Sunrise.

While we find in the United States that 5G networks available in 21 locations only, the telecom company AT&T is running 19 of them with the availability limited. The networks 5G commercially available in the United States they are a subsidiary of Verizon, and are present in only two cities are: Chicago, Minneapolis.

In South Korea, we find that 5G networks are already available in 18 locations, but its limited availability in 16 locations, and are commercially available in only two locations, and the Australia are available in 12 locations, all of which are of limited use.

Also available 5G networks in 7 locations in China, all available for commercial use, we note on the map also its presence in a small number of other countries such as: Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, but most of them are limited.

The state

The number of networks 5G

Availability commercially Commercially available

Limited use Limited availability





The United States of America




South Korea












The following table shows the leading countries in terms of availability of 5G networks

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