Many children’s apps from Google Play turned out to be extortionists and spies

Google has paid insufficient attention to the safety of children who use Google Play. According to consumer groups, applicants to the Federal Commission of Commerce, the developers of some games and applications use prohibited control mechanisms for minor users. They flagrantly violate the law on inviolability of private life of children and thereby expose them to serious danger.

In this case we are talking about applications and games published in the family section of Google Play. In accordance with the rules of Google, all the content that comes here must comply with several mandatory rules. For example, to provide a full range of data that apps gather about the user. So parents can control what information about their children accumulates developers, and, if necessary, to limit its collection.

Illegal data collection applications

However, reportedly, many applications violate this principle, transmitting information about minor users with third parties. The information collected by developers, consisted of data location services, as well as personal information. In total, estimated by experts, are engaged over 70% of applications and games from family, pointing out that Google ignores its own rules by not conducting due diligence.

Extortion in applications

Another factor having a negative impact on children, is to show specific ads promoting in-app purchases. Minors intentionally show popular cartoon characters crying from the fact that the child does not make in-game acquisitions. According to experts, it is absolutely unacceptable psychological impact on children, which in certain scenarios may be classified as extortion.

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