Manufacturer of vacuum cleaners was moved into the automotive industry

A well-known company Dyson, which manufactures vacuum cleaners and dryers, announced their intentions to release an electric car last fall, but since then no new information about it appeared. Now the company says it plans to release not one but a whole line of cars.

Autumn press release was full of promises to make “not like anything” and “radically different from other” electric car that should be expensive and produced in limited series. But now the company says for luxury cars, followed by another two models that it plans to produce in much larger quantities — so Dyson is going to gain a foothold in the fast-growing market elektroauto and become a recognizable brand.

The first car the company will introduce in early 2020-ies. The development has already invested about three billion dollars, while another a certain amount the manufacturer spends on improving certain components of the car. In particular, we are talking about batteries and vehicle bodies.

The developers have every chance of success, because Dyson has long been engaged in mass production and sales techniques, and developing at a rapid pace, the market will surely allow you to well-known brand to take its place in the same Norway — the local authorities are going in the coming years to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines.

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