Mankind grows dull: scientists have noted a gradual decline in the level of human intelligence

Norwegian scientists claim that humanity quickly becomes stupid. Brief excerpts from the researchers ‘ findings was published by MedicalXpress. The full results of the Norwegian studies experts published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. However, with the conclusions of many Norwegians disagree, pointing to limited sampling, and therefore impossible to apply the results obtained for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

The thesis about the gradual decline in human intelligence is not new. Despite the steady accumulation of civilization new knowledge, individuals do not become more intellectually developed. Some scientists even believe that modern man is losing on a number of intellectual indicators of the CRO-magnon. This is attributed to the fact that the inhabitants of the Earth of the XXI century did not struggle every day to fight for their survival, which greatly negates the evolutionary role of natural selection.

Interestingly, however, different. Increasingly heard statement that mankind has “quickly becomes stupid”. And it has once again confirmed the Norwegian scientists from the Center for economic research the Ragnar Frisch. Material for their study was the results of testing the IQ of Norwegians admitted to military service in the years 1970-2009. Scientists used the results of 730 000 tests. According to these results, in one generation the level of intelligence fell by an average of seven points, which is certainly very serious indicator. As possible causes scientists consider environmental concerns, and changing lifestyle. Speech, in particular, computerization.

The findings of Norwegian scientists has managed to criticize, pointing to the limited sample and hence the impossibility of their application in relation to all mankind. However, similar findings came earlier and another group of scientists. Then the researchers compared the level of education of modern humans and inhabitants of the Victorian era from 1837 to 1901. The results showed that while people were more developed and resourceful.

The program, analyzing psychophysical data showed that the reaction rate men in 1889 was equal to 183 milliseconds, while today the figure is 253 milliseconds. In the case of women the figures were 188 and 261 MS, respectively. Experts also found that each decade, IQ fell by 1.23 points, and for a century and a half, a decline of 14 points. According to experts, when the dynamics of such a man may eventually fall to the level of developed monkeys.

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