Man will destroy the space as well as and destroyed everything else

On our planet, conflicts between States, the struggle for resources, territory and the economic benefits have become almost the norm. And, quite possibly, space exploration is the last real peaceful international cooperation on Earth. At least, so says astrobiologist Monica Vidaurri that in his interview with Quartz, said that, with the development of, space may become the same, what has become of our Land.

Space exploration may not be as rosy as we think about it

Why the universe is in danger?

When it comes to such a young industry, like space exploration, it is important to recognize colonization, imperialism and exploitation of not just a series of major historical events, from which humanity is still recovering, but things that can “inspire” future laws related to the development of other planets.

Colonization and exploitation determine our basic institutions and they are largely rooted in society. And if we don’t make in it any changes, they will remain in space.

In 1998, several countries signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of the development of space stations. But since then, has done nothing significant to create an international infrastructure that provides safety and support any ethical standards. Space exploration, like most other major events in the history of mankind will be a step towards imperialism, colonialism and the General selfishness of the metropolis (i.e. our Earth) in relation to other planets. If space exploration will continue to be beyond the control of any system, the failure can not be avoided. Besides reckless space exploration makes people mindlessly use this space, contaminating it.

It is already happening. Some time ago, the Chinese satellite was thrown into the atmosphere tons of debris, and then India destroyed its own satellite and sent even more debris into our orbit. And the Israeli lunar module “Bereshit”, crashed while attempting landing on the moon, was able to infect the satellite colony of earth animals. Space Agency officials and public figures expressed their discontent about this, but nothing but this was not done.

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Or take the same SpaceX. The company launched a satellite array Starlink. That’s great. But a huge number of satellites began to interfere with astrological observations. In the absence of any standards that guarantee the cooperation of the private space sector, all will become only worse. Monica Vidaurri sees the problem in collaboration.

The United States continues to launch astronauts to the Russian land, using Chinese and Iranian technology cooperate with Japan, Australia, Canada and many European countries share their scientific achievements with Latin America and more. Space as we know it, exists in an unstable time. And if someone starts to pull the blanket over himself, the conflict of interests in space will result in approximately what we see on Earth.

Do you agree with the statement of astrophysics? Let’s discuss this topic in our chat in Telegram. However, not only in the conflict is the main problem. The pollution is also quite serious. The fact that the same Moon is considered “low-risk” environment for contamination by the standards of NASA. This means that special techniques to preserve the pristine view of the moon and the space agencies. But this approach is very much like our attitude to the native Land before it was too late. And where is the guarantee that other celestial bodies don’t suffer the same fate?

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