Malware to steal bitcoin affect over 700 thousand sites

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

برمجية خبيثة لسرقة البيتكوين تؤثر على 700 ألف موقع

Hacked hackers interested in digital currency encrypted one of the biggest platforms and web analytics services in order to get the currency of the Bitcoin Bitcoin digital encrypted from the users of the exchange platform via the internet, according to the researcher’s security Matthew FAW Matthieu Faou who discovered the hack, it enter the hackers code malicious within the JavaScript file JavaScript the main of tracking your Grant StatCounter, in order to steal any transactions Bitcoin are made through a web interface with the Switch

And his platform StatCounter largely Google Analytics, because it allows analysis of internet traffic flowing through the sites, and the webmaster add the code on the Prevention of StatCounter to their site in order to get the statistics tracking visits and review records of visits.

This attack targeted to spread malicious code among more than 688 thousand web site, has benefited the hackers from this side of the design to disseminate their instructions to malicious software as widely as possible, where the attack to redirect bitcoin traders digital currency encrypted, in particular when users of the platform the withdrawal or transfer of currency bitcoin.

Said malicious code by replacing any Bitcoin address posted in the page titled Another owned by hacker and noted security researcher that the impact of malicious code has been nearly a million website uses the analysis service platform StatCounter, but the threat is focused fully on the platform of the currency exchange encrypted digital, which is currently dealing with more than 1.7 million dollars in bitcoin every day.

And don’t say malicious code to do anything unless the link contains the specified string “myaccount/withdraw/BTC”, and explained Matthew FAW that the platform is the only site that uses the URL contains this string, although the security breach lasted for several days only, but it is difficult to determine the number of individuals who were affected by the recognition, or the amount of money that enables hackers to obtain.

And the script automatically creates the address of a new bitcoin every time it is run, which limits significantly the possibility to link transactions to bitcoin with in a clear manner, said platform switch, which is ranked 39 currently classified according to CoinMarketCap, it will increase the StatCounter from its website in full, as urged users to enable two-factor authentication to protect the login steps.

The gate Arab News Technical malware to steal bitcoin affect over 700 thousand sites

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