Malware to infect the Android system and the funds from the accounts of PayPal. Here’s how to protect them

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برمجية خبيثة تصيب نظام أندرويد وتسرق الأموال من حسابات PayPal.. إليك كيفية الحماية منها

Announced researchers at the company ESET ESET specialized in the field of cyber security during the month of last December about the discovery of the malware, a new kind of Trojan running on the Android operating system Android to steal money directly from accounts PayPal PayPal, where they able to feature bypass authentication 2FA from PayPal.

Lie malicious software in a third party application to improve the battery allows the Optimization of Android, and use dozens of apps to improve the battery for Android devices the same feeling, in addition to names substantially similar.

برمجية خبيثة على نظام أندرويد يمكنها سرقة الأموال من حسابات PayPal.. إليك كيفية الحماية منها

Once you install the application Optimization Android on Android devices requires the user to run the Access service under the name of the enabled statistics Enable statistics, and, if the user has enabled the service the application checks for the application to PayPal official, and if he found say a malicious app running PayPal to send a notification to urge the user to open the app.

برمجية خبيثة على نظام أندرويد يمكنها سرقة الأموال من حسابات PayPal.. إليك كيفية الحماية منها

“Once the user opens the application to PayPal and enter the code two-factor authentication 2FA, the service access malicious enabled, the steps to trying to the user clicks to send the money to your PayPal for the task.

Lucas said Stephanie invites Lukas Stefanko local malware in ESET: “can the whole process about 5 seconds, and for the user who got his machine already there’s no way viable at the appropriate time”.

Due to the manner in which is programmed the software is malicious this parameter specifies the automatic every time the user to apply PayPal. The only time that fails is when the user account from the money or don’t have any money in his account on PayPal.

Displays the video clip embedded in the end of the article over the speed of implementation of the whole process and the extent of the survival of confirmations of transactions, PayPal on the screen that looks like a problem in the app. Although some users may have to guess what’s happening, only that many of the users who have no experience in the technical field may not understand what you mean screen flashing and may be unaware for days or weeks, they have lost money from their accounts.

Fortunately this app is available harmful currently through a third party app store only, not through the store Google Play Google Play official, which means that a very small number of people may hit their phones this danger until now.

How do you keep your device that running Android operating system safe from such a software:

If you install a malicious app that includes malicious software Trojan targets the application of PayPal, you must do the following:

  • You must use Safe Mode Safe Mode in Android operating system to uninstall the application
  • Remove the app through the settings on your device
  • Check your account to search for transactions you didn’t do it
  • Change the password / PIN code your internet banking
  • Change the password to your email Gmail
  • In the case of transactions PayPal is authorized, you can report the problem in service center PayPal

Staying safe from malware on the Android operating system in the future, we recommend you the following:

  • Commitment to store Google Play Google Play official when downloading apps
  • Before you download any application from the Google Play Store check number of downloads and rating application instructions and content audits
  • Pay attention to the permissions the permissions granted by any application installed on your device
  • Be sure to install the latest version of the Android operating system on your device

The gate Arab News Technical malware to infect the Android system and the funds from the accounts of PayPal. Here’s how to protect them

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