Malicious software uses your phone in a mining currency

With the large increase in the price of digital currencies appeared malware kit, it is possible to infect your personal computer for use in the mining of the currency by taking advantage of the processing power of the device. This software unfortunately does not infect computers but infect smartphones are also the most of any device connected to the Internet has the capacity to processing.

He said researchers have Kaspersky last month detects the presence of a number of apps porn underhanded and applications that contain malicious software you Mining the coin Monero digital and attacks, DDos, and other harm the user’s smartphone.

Now after only a short time researchers have discovered information technology to the Chinese in the coefficient of Qihoo 360 they discovered malware on Android called ADB.Miner capable of screening a large number of IP addresses to find devices capable of penetrating injured programmed for the two digital currencies.

According to the researchers, this software comes first in the use of the code etc are for devices capable of penetrating, which use its software Mirai to detect devices and Internet of things companies Internet great earlier launched DDoS attacks on them to stop them from working.

And the software search for Android devices including smart phones ontelevision smart that no ADB interface unreachable and outlet 5555 to be being infected with software malicious that you mining process of Monero for a developer, they code.

It is reported that the ADB is to choose the Android Debug Bridge is a tool that allows amendment to the Code of the android it also provides access to a number of the more sensitive in the system, so they are used by ordinary people to get these advantages.

Come Android devices the New this property is not activated in advance, so you will be able to code from infecting your phone in the case have been activated deliberately tuned to work on the exit 5555.

And be able to researchers until now from the knowledge gaps that lead to breakthrough ADB, but they did know that code when her phone are used not only in mining but also in search of other victims also, as the researchers said that the software does not infect phones of a certain company where they found that the infected machines were manufactured by different companies. Also according to their appreciation of the proportion of 40% of infected devices in China and 31% in South Korea.

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