Malicious software meets the 200 application on Android

Revealed Check Point, the security research company, program adware cache of more than two hundred applications on the Android platform has been downloaded more than 150 million times in total.

Software adware malicious software are running ads on the infected machine, which helps in generating proceeds of the fraudulent publishers of ads.

Talk about a program adware that infected Android apps has disguised in the image of the custom platform to serve ads on behalf of the SimBad, as when they are adopted by application developers, without the knowledge of their malware most likely, once the user installs the app allows the rear door to install malicious software which will include the ads and the icon of the application from the user’s device, and run the software automatically every time the user reboots his device.

Once you download the malware on the user’s device, you open a list of web sites that offer paid advertisements in the background, ie without the knowledge of the user, thus generating a profit probability of the publishers of advertising.

Reported check point that apps infected with malware have been around since March of 2017, even removed Google from the Play Store after the police report, which is monitoring the list of the names of more than 200 application sources, however, the deleted apps from the Play Store, does not remove it from infected machines, and it’s 10 months source applications have been downloaded 55 million times in total, namely:

  1. Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator
  2. Hoverboard Racing
  3. Real Tractor Farming Simulator
  4. Ambulance Rescue Driving
  5. Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018
  6. Fire Truck Emergency Driver
  7. Farming Tractor Real Harvest Simulator
  8. Car Parking Challenge
  9. Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing
  10. Water Surfing Car Stunt

The first application on the list has been downloaded 10 million times, the rest about 5 million times.

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