Malfunction serious in Xiaomi Mi A2 leads to bleed the battery in three hours !

Inform the many users of phone Xiaomi Mi A2 recently on significant problems in the life of the battery, lead to draw in a very short time up to three or four hours on standby before the device needs to shipping!

It seems that this problem stems from a bug not related to the processor, even when the phone is in inactive mode and barely being user some simple operations, the eight cores work at full speed without the need of it, which leads to battery drain significantly!

While it is not entirely clear how this error occurs, many users are reporting it is connected sensor fingerprint back, if you scans your fingerprint to unlock the device, you’ll see the nuclei of the central processing unit (CPU) to a maximum and then don’t stop!

The only way to make nuclear operating normally is to disable the sensor fingerprint and then restart the phone, where he informed users that when you disable the fingerprint sensor, the problem disappear and the battery age the natural.

Been reporting about this bug in the MIUI forum bug and XDA Developers, and includes these topics and also on many screen shots and detailed results of tests that all indicate that the problem of sensor Fingerprint this represents a real problem the age of the battery Xiaomi Mi A2 .

Didn’t believe about Shaw, my statement about the problem and still not report bugs in MIUI forum that “need more information”, although older than a month!

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