Makers of Android phones going to concentrate on reader fingerprint built-in screen, instead of face recognition technology


New report on the internet that the manufacturers of phones running Android, will not adopt facial recognition technology as provided by Apple in the iPhone X, and that because of the cost associated with the sensors and which in turn will raise the cost of production of these phones and increase their price, and instead, the manufacturers of the Android seen to the adoption tireless to provide reader insight built-in screen.

Sources indicate that the phone is flagship killer Mate 11 Huawei will launch this technique, and will be one of the main selling points of the phone when the company begins to ship later this year. The production cost of the sensor the three-dimensional recognition technology on the face is high, and estimated at $ 60 based on the interests of the providers of the widget, as it includes the geometry of the particular hardware and software and launch them with, and it’s not that simple at all.

There are other reasons that led to the apprehension of the makers of Android phones to adopt this technology currently, and these fears you receive in a patent infringement with Apple, in addition to phone sales iPhone X that were not a tyrant. The report suggests the leadership of manufacturers of Android phones launched facial recognition technology in the local market and test the reaction of the consumers towards it first, with the charging phones reader fingerprint built-in screen globally.

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