Maker TV TCL called a smart phone for video enthusiasts

The company launched the TCL Chinese industry TVs a smart phone low cost through their participation in the exhibition (IFA 2019), so bet on it you can take advantage of its expertise in the manufacture of television screens to gain consumers who watch video are increasingly on mobile devices.

It is known that the company TCL manufacturing Android phones for some time, including BlackBerry phones and Alcatel modern, but they rarely get a similar sensation to fuss manufacturers of other phones.

The phone is called the name (TCL-PLEX), and it is supposed to be sold at $ 329 EUR (364 USD), which puts it firmly within the price bracket reasonable, says LCD screen $ 6.5 inches used technique (NXTVISION) police, camera three the lens.

And technology (NXTVISION) colors, clarity, and contrast in real-time, as there feature transform (SDR) to (HDR) in real time, and video blogging is similar to a feature (HDR).

Includes phone rear camera triple lens essential sensor of the Sony is strictly 48 megapixel camera, with the lens again wide angle accurately 16-megapixel camera, and the lens of the third accurately 2-megapixel camera dedicated to low light and with front camera with 24 megapixel.

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And TCL: the device (Plex) contains the sensor low light big size of 2.9 micron pixels pioneer in the industry, it also includes the mode (Super Night Mode) to meet the dark.

With regard to the rest of the specifications, the device is powered by processor (Snapdragon 675), with 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage space expandable, battery with a capacity of 3820 mAh.

Expects TCL to represent the video 80 percent of mobile data traffic by 2022, which creates an opportunity to put smart phones in the center of the current range of connected devices including smart TVs; and Bluetooth headsets; the headsets.

Said Stephanie Street Stefan Streit, head of global marketing in the company: it’s time to buy the TCL.

Also offered Stefan a trial version of a smartphone with a folding screen, in reference to the intention of the TCL identifies a company, Samsung is the world leader, which started to sell her phone rollaway Galaxy Fuld (Galaxy Fold) in South Korea Friday for $ 2,000.

The launch comes phone TCL smartphone in a saturated market faces problems due to the trade dispute between the United States and China, however, this step is classified as a strong relationship on the intention of the TCL acquisition of a stake in the smartphone market.

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