Make stickers for WhatsApp yourself Whatsapp Stickers

ملصقات الواتساب

Since I know the fact for additional new “posters”, considered by some the most important advantage out by the app since the period of the proposed additions to the money secondary.
New feature and this is extra it looks like it’s taking the attention of millions around the world and folk that was probably based on the app is waiting for her.

Which made many of the developers and urged them to create applications supporting time enrollment provide special stickers exclusive user can add them to the app to enhance the forms of those posters expressions that may substitute for writing in many neighborhoods.

New those apps too, it’s Pat can you create your own stickers and add them to the application WhatsApp to share with others,
That’s what the app Sticker maker for WhatsApp or maker stickers for WhatsApp easy-to-use. He doesn’t need you to great effort in the preparation of those posters from your personal photos.

App Sticker maker for WhatsApp is free and available on the Google Play Store at the following link:
Sticker maker for WhatsApp

Make stickers for WhatsApp yourself Whatsapp Stickers

  • When you install the app and run it, work on the establishment of a Stickers pack to your name by clicking on the Create a new stickerpack.
    Give this package a name and repeat it on this.

To move to the next window, you must bring the photo first that you want to convert to a poster and your finger to select the desired part convinced them to turn into a poster.
The top button is not for stickers, but to add the icon for the package that works on its creation and then work on bringing the 3 images from the folder images to create 3 posters and this number is mandatory to create the package.

  • The app will not work on the establishment of a package of one sticker, 3 stickers with a minimum order for you. And then. Export this package to the app to add it to the application on WhatsApp official.

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Make stickers for WhatsApp yourself Whatsapp Stickers

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