Major bug in FaceTime on the iPhone and lets you hear the voice of the person without responding to the call

It was discovered a significant flaw in FaceTime, which is currently spreading widely across social networks. This allows you to error contact anyone using FaceTime, and then hear the sound coming from his phone directly – before it accepts or rejects the person on the other end of the incoming call. And Apple it the problem will be solved in a system update coming later this week.

As there were other details stating that this creation is not only limited to voice calls, as there is a second part of which can display video also.

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The website 9to5Mac the experience of this error by calling from your iPhone X iPhone XR, and indeed there was a problem, the site pointed out that this bug affects any pair of iOS devices running iOS 12.1 so what the latest.

Here’s how to experience the error of FaceTime on the iPhone:

  • Start a video call through FaceTime with a contact on your iPhone.
  • During the connection request, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click on the “Add Person”.
  • Add your phone number in your screen the “Add Person”.
  • You will then begin the group call type FaceTime including you’re The Voice of the person who called in the original, even though did not accept the call after.

Will be shown in the interface is related that he joined the other person to the group chat, but on the device the recipient, will continue to ring on the lock screen.

خلل كبير في FaceTime على iPhone

The potential harm here is real. You can listen to audio clips of any conversation the level of user’s iPhone without his knowledge at all you can hear. And to say Apple fixed the error, it is not clear how to protect yourself against this attack, perhaps by disable FaceTime entirely .

What has been revealed also is that if you press the person button from the lock screen, it will also send video to the caller – without his knowledge. In this case, the recipient can now hear your own voice, but he doesn’t know that it sends audio and video to their you.

It doesn’t stop at that, it has been the experience of error with your iPhone connects to your Mac. By default, ring your Mac for longer than the phone, which led to the occurrence of the error, but longer.

The company said the Apple TV it will fix the problem in a system update later this week. Until then, if you want to avoid this problem, adjust FaceTime from the settings of your device working iOS.

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