Magnified X iPhone may be the most popular this year

Range iPhone, which will be presented this year, will be the most popular among Apple smartphones. This was reported by respondents edition of The Bell to sources familiar with the plans of the company. They do not doubt the success of the new iPhone, since Apple will be able to cover several market segments.

It is expected that this year Apple will introduce three models of the iPhone, but they will be less different from each other than from smartphones. All three will receive the design in the style iPhone X display all front panel and support face recognition technology. Apple Also will release a version with LCD-matrix.

The analysts believe that the most popular representative of the new line will be the iPhone X Plus. This version is a 6.5 inch display, the appearance of which recently became public, is worth more than $ 1,000. However, this will not prevent the new product to gain national recognition.

The main difference between the 6.5-inch iPhone 6.1-inch in addition to the diagonal of the display will be the number of modules of the main chamber. While “relatively affordable” iPhone will have only a single main camera, iPhone X Plus will receive not less than two.

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