Maemo Dreamcast: survey of threats to priority institutions

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مايم كاست: استقصاء التهديدات أولوية للمؤسسات

The company announced the Maemo Dreamcast Mimecast, the leading email security and data, which was founded in 2003 and is working to make business data and e-mail safer for more than 19 clients and millions of employees around the world, published its report “a survey of threats: the cost of unnecessary or tactical security are essential“, issued by the research center to withstand cyber attacks, which is an independent group of elite security experts who work together to address the challenges of resilience in the face of cyber attacks plaguing enterprises.

The report, which was prepared under the auspices of Maemo Dreamcast, to integrate the ideas and visuals to the leaders of information technology around the world offer advice and methods that help to overcome the difficulties associated with investigating threats, including how to make a work based on the survey a priority in all institutions of different sizes.

It offers a survey of the threats properly applicable to help in your definition of who is behind the threat and the tools and methods used, and how and why do the goal you seek to achieve, in cases for which the survey threats as part of strategic inclusiveness, resilience in the face of cyber attacks has enterprise, that makes her vulnerable to attacks identity theft, malware and perhaps the worst of them.

Has attracted Research Center specialized in the withstand cyber attacks recently to discuss the survey and the threats and the reason being one of security assets necessary for all institutions whatever their size or budget.

And Malcolm Harkins Malcolm Harkins, director of the pervasive security and trust company has a silent degree Cylance member of the research center resilient in the face of cyber attacks, saying: “We in the security sector to move away from a reactive mode, it is our task to reduce the damage to the institutions, and therefore what we need is prevention”.

“I’ve always looked at a survey of threats in a comprehensive way, because it is open source to my information, surveys, etc. are my information of mankind, and those obtained through the Signals Survey. You must know all because they are all important”.

The report presents the ideas of a prominent group on how to avoid fatigue data and how companies can use information you already own, including reports of vulnerabilities and breaches of data security arena, and what are the aspects of absolute importance in relation to the implementation of these core security capabilities.

The report also discusses a number of other sites such as how to prepare a survey of threats is a priority for everyone on both, and how you can use interfaces, open applications and patterns of the threat is known, how can we prove the value with a low budget or without a budget, why not outsource most of the tasks of the survey the threats, and why is that acceptable.

Morris said steel Maurice Stebila, executive director of the information systems have Harman Harman, member of Research Center to withstand cyber attacks: “I have a number of partners e-Security who are working to collect the survey for me, all the tools I have to protect the infrastructure of the cloud and work on the use of data covered within their products, and therefore the registration and the Prohibition of any weaknesses as they occur and alert me immediately.”

Our house explained Mark French, Marc French, director of the trust has Maemo Dreamcast and member of the research center to withstand cyber attacks, and to survey the actual means converting information into action.

Recall that the research center to withstand cyber attacks, which is an independent group of influential public officials in the sector are interested in understanding the challenges faced by institutions in the shadow of security attacks around the world, to work together to provide guidance on possible solutions, to meet every three months to provide valuable information from the experiences of its members working in the security field.

The gate Arab News Technical Maemo Dreamcast: survey of threats to priority institutions

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