Maduro announced the launch of a new national cryptocurrency of Venezuela

A few days ago the Venezuelan government announced the national launch of the first cryptocurrency in the world. They plan to use to pay for fuel for aircraft, in the embassies of countries around the world as tourist tax. The idea and the preliminary results clearly liked the President, he announced the creation of another coin.

El Petro appears partner

In circulation appear Golden Petro, according to RIA. Information shared Nicolas Maduro.

I don’t want to rush things, but we have a surprise relative of the Golden Petro, which will have the same parameters as oil. This is the theme next week.

Looks like next week we are waiting for news about another 735 million dollars on the sale of crypts. A month later Venezuela will certainly start a couple of coins which will be provided with diamonds, and something else.

Other countries not yet commented on the intention to repeat the success of the South American country. Perhaps a competitor will criptural, against which no objection of the Ministry of Finance.

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