Made the first three-dimensional map of the human genome

The first year, scientists from around the world engaged in the study of the genome. Made significant gains in his decoding, however, detailed three-dimensional map of the genome was able to make only recently. Moreover, it helped to make a plant that grows almost everywhere: the ordinary hell.

On creating the map of the genome according to the Journal of Cell Biology. For the study meet the American molecular biologists from the University of Illinois. For the first time in history, failed to obtain a detailed three-dimensional map of the genome, which allows us to see inside the nucleus of living cells of all known genes and stretches of DNA. Moreover, the purpose of some of them, scientists are not yet able to understand. As stated by one of the authors,

“At the moment it is very difficult to understand the arrangement of DNA in the cell nucleus, but it is safe to say that even small shifts of chromosomes in one way or another can significantly affect the activity level of various genes. The fact that “calm” state of the chromosome represent a tangle of intertwined threads and the main question is how located inside this tangle of different genes responsible for the functioning of the whole organism.”

To create the map, researchers used a spherical structure of RNA and proteins (also called speckles), which can accumulate the enzyme horseradish peroxidase. This element was chosen for a reason, as it can highlight the strands of chromosomes and isolate individual genes. Then the experts learned the location marking of individual genes. The intensity of the illumination falling off from the distribution center of the enzyme.

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