macOS Catalina: a brilliant release?

Coming macOS Catalina “blew up the Internet”. Anger and indignation, emotions, crying about the lost through the fault of irresponsible “Fruit” of data, unkind wishes to the perpetrators of this crime against humanity – that is, everything is fine. The debut of the new major version of macOS succeeded brilliantly. If the intensity and emotionality of criticism in the network correspond to reality, Apple would no longer be even the slightest chance to justify and to shirk responsibility. It would be judged not by the Tribunal in the Hague (it’s a crime against humanity for some, judging by the comments in the media and in blogs) and the Nuremberg court, it would have been even scarier and more hopeless: the company inevitably went bankrupt would not get out she would have, she herself would be detrimental to incompatible with life. But all is not so simple.

From installing macOS Catalina delighted not all

This is the fifth or sixth major release of Mac OS X/OS X/macOS in my memory were so vivid and sincere user feedback. You’ve had worse. In October 2007 I suffered zero of the release of Mac OS 10.5 “Leopard”, which I had to put on the only working computer due to production necessity. Usually I don’t associate with any “zero” releases new big versions like macOS 10.15 (actually, 10.15.0), or even with the first (10.15.1 waiting from day to day). Then I helped install two systems, and it’s recommended to do about 10.15. 10.5 and 10.15 – symbolic? PowerMac G5 with two OS I call “Tigrean”.

So, rule number one: do not rush to install. Major version of the system is tested with cruelty, sparing neither strength nor the time. In different configurations, on a variety of tasks and in the most improbable circumstances – but to predict all possible cases of real life is impossible in principle. Before the release of a major version for a very long time, all who are able “to bear arms”, were forcibly sent to paid leave for a couple of days, even in the most favorable case of all hands on deck after the collision with reality is inevitable. The way of the world. Rule number two contemplative: not to jump to conclusions. Those who are good, rarely write about it in the comments or in blogs. Or write about it softly and without emotion. They are not heard. But those who have pain, who are ill, who suffers losses due to any (omit epithets) engineers and managers, necessary and many times will Express my opinion. Almost all the problems of the zero and first releases, sooner or later, will be corrected. Many all just work, they are simply not heard. You would not believe in the “glass house” in the Apple Park is not surprised by the explosion of negativity. They expected everything to be much worse. What are they loaded a new system?

Installing macOS Catalina

The theater begins with a hanger (in the name of Steve jobs it is not, Think Different), and the new operating system starts with its installation. And then, as expected, not everything went smoothly and without conflict. The upgrade system is comparable to brain surgery have protein application to your computer. Dangerous, difficult, unpredictable. The recommendations on the install reported that the disk subjected to this test shall not be less than 15 GB of Unallocated space. Empirically established: if the disk is less than 50 Gigabytes of Unallocated space, the risk of unresponsiveness on some of the installation steps is greatly increased. Those who have nerves of tantalum, and who was willing to look at “Estimating time remaining…” or “Less than one minute remaining” stubbornly and endlessly 8-12 hours waiting for the miracle. Not all, some. Boring ad nauseam inscription suddenly disappeared – and the installation process was successfully completed in a few minutes or even seconds. But to know whether it makes sense to wait for something or everything hangs tightly and permanently – is still impossible. Too clever by half in the Apple with the simplicity and friendliness of the interfaces. The user friendliness is taken to extremes, hostile.

MacBook installed macOS Catalina

For the first few days of macOS Catalina tried to install tens of millions of Mac devices users. Apple monitors this process (anonymously, without collecting personal data – most likely it is), and the ratio of successful installations to total number of attempts at Catalina everything is fine. Not a record, but with so many potential dangers that’s impressive. The installation takes from 45 minutes to 12 hours, including on the same MacBook Pro 2012 as I have. Apple advises to treat the updating of the system seriously and responsibly, to provide a cushion (i.e. to backup). To follow these tips or not – a private affair of each individual. You should know that the publication of these guidelines takes Apple legal responsibility for any trouble with your data. The brain surgery is more dangerous to health than Smoking, arguing with boss or the abuse of sweet. But it is we, the protein. If that fails, install a new version of the system, everything can be fixed if to take care about it. But according to the most implacable critics of the new version, those who was not able to install 10.15 on your Mac – lucky! But more about that in the next section.

To complain that users of macOS Catalina

When users are not happy

If stalking harassment to the user asking to enter the password (Apple ID, for example), to change or reconfigure or reaffirm their legal and human essence, if you have something against the security of the data, rather negative. I have spent at the helm of “Catalina’s” a little less than an hour, during this time I have “checked out documents” at least ten times. The owner of the computer, not to stand all the time behind my back, gave me a piece of paper on which were written all his passwords that I could at any moment request. To configure Touch ID did not make sense, it’s not my computer. Zeal integrated into it security, with each successive check, bothered me more – and I know that not only me, and that this aspect of life the new version will definitely improve.

And you have already installed the macOS Catalina? Let us know in our Telegram chat.

Complaining not only that. But, unfortunately, not one of the most popular troubles I was not able to face. Launched Xcode, created a Playground, play with it – everything works quickly and accurately. About iTunes, I already wrote. It was dismembered, it no longer exists, and never will be. In independent applications, not all staff – otherwise, it is new and not tested in real life application, and if the number of complaints some ugliness exceeds some limit, the problem may be. Sudden keeps shutting down Macs macOS Catalina c, with subsequent spontaneous restart – cause associated with Apple T2, although this happens with computers in which this chip is not. I have this problem too – partially true (without automatic restart), although I have no Apple T2 or Catalina, I’m still at High Sierra. 10.15 not met.

Apps that don’t work, the security service which seems to have confused ideas of who and what he must protect, on Macs c hard drives 10.15 overheats the computer (Defrag!), empty lists of sales in the Mac App Store and Apple Music, returning to the place after a reboot, sometimes after the second or third. Complaint very much, among them are very serious. But most of those tens of millions who’ve already installed Catalina on your Mac and, even ignoring any security measures, thoughtlessly – as a new version of iOS – no complaints. Or they just took the Mac and in the trash, not removing the smile from the faces went to move to Windows?

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