macOS 10.15 will allow you to use iPad as second display for Mac

Apple equipment is not ideal in all respects, but one thing she just can not refuse. The display device of each of the company regardless of the type is guaranteed to have high contrast and proper color reproduction, not to mention clarity. Quality display panels the iPad and Mac even allows you to apply them in professional activity, than successfully used by photographers, artists and editors. Fortunately for all of us, finally, to the understanding of this came and Apple.

According to the developer Guilherme Rambo, just yesterday, reporting key innovations iOS 13, macOS 10.15 Apple is planning to add support for the regime Sidecar for the iPad. Thanks to him, users will be able to connect your iPad to your Mac and use it as an external display without the need to use third-party tools. It will be enough to connect your devices to one network, and then start pairing by pressing a special button on the Mac screen.

How to use iPad as a second screen

In the mode of Sidecar users will be able to run on iPad the same steps as on Mac by interacting with the interface using the mouse. In addition, said Rambo, in the second screen, users will be able to draw on the tablet with the pen Pencil. Actually this way will be able to convert compatible models iPad into a full-fledged analogue of the Wacom tablet, doing the drawing at a more advanced level due to the presence of professional software for Mac and lack of it for iOS.

In my opinion, the ability to use the iPad as a supplementary screen for the Mac have been long overdue. This is indicated by the abundance of applications allows you to transfer images from computer to tablet. Unfortunately, almost all of them either are working with a large delay, or restrict users to performing certain tasks. Adding such a feature, Apple will further expand the scope of mutually beneficial use of branded devices, only strengthening its ecosystem.

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