macOS 10.15 brings feature display support on the iPad as an external display

In the latest leaks published today about updating macOS 10.15 the next, it was pointed out that Apple is planning to bring a new feature to support pairing with the iPad and use the connected device as an external display to the system.

Apple rumored to add official iPad external display support in macOS 10

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More details around the next version update macOS 10.15, where he unveiled a new report today on the development of a new feature dedicated to the upcoming release of the operating system, to support the use of iPad as an external display, as confirmed by the site 9to5Mac reports that this new feature will work as an alternative to the development of Luna or Duet Is apps back third party.

And new feature now بSidecar, where you come as a new tool among the management tools Windows system macOS 10.15, as it will allow users to scroll on the green button in the window bar system to obtain a set of choices comes from choosing the style display at full screen, also comes the style of the display on the external monitor as one of the choices offered to send the display window to the screen of the external devices like the iPad directly without the need to click and drag in the start.

On the other hand, it is indicated that Apple is working on the stores Special supports to take pictures of the windows in the display screen, so we expect more details about the update macOS 10.15 due to be launched officially at the conference of developers WWDC, which is held on the second of June.


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