macOS 10.14.5 can seriously complicate the life of developers

A few days to download became available the second beta version of macOS 10.14.5. This is a minor update to build the OS not found something new or interesting are valid except for one important thing. With the release of the public version of macOS 10.14.5 all developers and publishers will be required to send their applications and new updates to check in the Apple.

All about security measures. Last year, Apple introduced an additional layer of protection for its technology Gatekeeper. Each team member was able to pass the verification procedure of the application but it was not the absolute necessity. Unsigned application is run and worked — on the screen will display only a warning window, which can always be ignored.

But with the release of macOS 10.14.5 things can change — now all apps and updates must be sent to Apple for verification. Developers will need to send the application code, and the automated system will scan the uploaded software for malicious components. After successful verification, the application assigns a digital signature only after this, the program will be able to work without any restrictions. Note that we are talking about applications that are distributed in a bypass store Mac App Store.

Apple claims that the new rules are intended to provide users maximum security for Mac. But we have at least two questions:

  • What to do with applications that have not been updated for several years? It is unlikely that this initiative will awaken in the developers desire to undergo the appropriate checks. Meanwhile, on the Mac quite a lot of these:
  • These measures can put an end to modified (hacked) apps. Because now every code change the program will require additional verification from Apple. And it is obvious that such applications will not be approved by the company.

It looks like Apple is following in the footsteps of iOS with each version of macOS is becoming more and more a closed system. It is not excluded that the time will come when applications can be installed only from Mac App Store.

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