macOS 10.14.4 confirmed the imminent release of updated substitute Thunderbolt Display from LG

Rumors about Apple intentions to revive the monitors Thunderbolt Display, is actively spread on the Network a few months ago, finally stalled and seem not in vain. As it turned out, Apple is together with LG working on an updated UltraFine monitor with a resolution of 5K. It is reported by French site MacGeneration citing developer Pierre Gandamana, which found mention of new items in the code of the beta version of macOS 10.14.4.

According to the developer, studying programming code for the second beta build of macOS 10.14.4, which was released in the beginning of the week, he found a reference to a previously unknown monitor. It has a code designation 0x5b74, whereas the model of the actual generation available for purchase, denoted as 0x5b11. Leaves, concluded Dandume that LG is preparing for the new generation Apple branded monitors to connect as external tools to the Mac.

External monitor for Mac

Most likely, the upgrade will not be significant, says the developer. Anyway, the new monitor icon discovered in the beta build updates, similar to the current model. So, he thought, LG just going to upgrade the hardware for future devices, not touching its exterior. And, considering how long Apple can’t update its desktop computers, the decision from LG looks quite justified.

Release updated monitor UltraFine from LG, most likely, will take place at the March presentation of Apple. Within its framework, the company will also introduce an updated iPad 9.7, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, AirPods, and a pair of brand new services. One of them is the subscription service for magazines called Apple News Magazines. It will spread within apps, Apple News, opening users unlimited access to multiple magazines for a fixed fee.

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