MacBook Pro (Early 2011): three great breakthrough and a little bit about the lion

In 2011, the birthday of Steve jobs (February 24), no conferences or fanfare, Apple has radically updated the MacBook Pro lineup and released a beta version of OS X “Lion” (DP) for developers. About “three breakthrough MacBook Pro” was reported on the Apple website, but… most Likely, the birthday of Steve no relation to the massive update had. As for the release of OS X “Lion” for developers. It was a coincidence.

But the silence in which it all happened, thought-provoking. Apple called itself “a mobile company number 1 in the world”, officially recognizing the Mac and peripheral, although very important area of its activities. One-third of income, unprecedented growth in the number of users is serious.

Laptops (everything from plastic Unibody MacBook to a MacBook Pro) was included in the category “mobile devices”, the size of income brought in they were in first place (20.7% of income), outpacing all other mobile devices “in the individual standings”.

And to remind the world about OS X “Lion”, to tell about the early success of the Mac App Store, letting everyone know that Apple (and Steve) all right…

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Three big breakthrough

In the original these breakthroughs was called differently – “Three big leaps”, three large bounce or jump, but I prefer to translate this slogan in meaning. The slogan was memorable, but from the site it disappeared after a few days, supplanted by the new.

And what kind of breakthroughs? Choose three to taste:

— processor architecture Sandy Bridge (32 nm), all new MacBook Pro;
— the return of integrated graphics from Intel(Intel HD Graphics 3000);
— the transition from Mini DisplayPort to Thunderbolt;
— MacBook Pro 4-core processors (once all 15 – inch and 17-inch);
— renamed the iSight camera FaceTime HD Camera (720p);
— 13-inch MacBook Pro in multiple tests surpassed the Mac Pro;

and others.

However, don’t get too serious about marketing slogans.

Sandy Bridge (32 nm) and HD Graphics 3000

Intel new generation, of course with better performance and new ways to squeeze out of a tiny chip a little more, paying for the acceleration of less energy. Though the economy has not been particularly strong point of Sandy Bridge.

The product of evolution with sed (with sed 2.0) took up a large part of the processor and dynamically respond to changing load and temperature. Turning on and off processor cores and changing the clock frequency it affects the performance.

Instead of a single clock frequency in Turbo mode now had several. The number depended on the number of cores. 2-nuclear – highs for one or two cores, 4-core for one, two and four.

And the GPU is now located directly on the chip, and in many respects superior to the NVIDIA GeForce 320M. As expected of integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 shared memory, taking for their needs at least 384 MB (if the size of the total memory was less than 8 Gigabytes), or from 512 and above.

That’s not all: Intel HD Graphics 3000 used also cache third level, this has not happened.

I’ve already talked about the reasons that caused Apple to use outdated chipsets on Intel Core 2 Duo. Intel has banned NVIDIA to develop chipsets using processors with DMI technology (the CPU is newer than Intel Core 2 Duo), and integrated graphics from Intel was not good enough for Apple. It is a fact, from his words I do not refuse.

But there was another circumstance, about which I forgot to mention. It is possible that it played a role, but I don’t think this role was significant. Intel Core 2 Duo Apple had fantastic deals. Processors next generation she bought on the same terms as everyone else.

Apple’s greed is well known, but one should not exaggerate it.

In late 2010 Steve met with the leaders of Intel, what they talked about is unknown (from Intel was the Intel Atom processor for mobile devices and subnotebooks, whom she wanted to interest Apple – but it is a guess, nothing more), but most of all “friendship” was restored, and Apple is able to buy Sandy Bridge for a very special price.

OS X Lion (10.7) Developer Preview

About the release of the first beta Mac OS 10.7 Apple developer told “the Telegraph”: in a press release. The text of the press release, with comments (often even quite appropriate, and not devoid of sense) to other reported media.

A beta version was available only to registered Mac developers ovsky, thereby which in October 2010 was 600 thousand and the number of which increased by 30 thousand each month.

By registering with the Mac Developer Program, the developer definitely confirmed the acceptance of Apple’s privacy policy. General nondisclosure agreement. To access the DP had to “tick” under another such agreement. In the media, no matter what, the information slipped – and for that, no one was punished.

The most severe punishment promised in the agreement, included:

— the immediate exclusion from the number of registered developers (termination of access to classified information);
— the requirement to remove from all computers and media development tools from Apple copies of books online, and something else, and provide a notarized proof of completion of this requirement;
— a ban on re-registration (either permanently or for a specified period).

As far as I know, cases of exclusion (at the time), but in full, this severe punishment did not befall anyone.

In the sequels talk about the 13-inch MacBook Pro Feb 2011 and 15 – inch and 17-inch.

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