MacBook (Mid 2009): update relic

27 may 2009, without the noise and the press release, relic polycarbonate MacBook was updated. Now he was definitely superior to the MacBook in the Unibody, but that no one at Apple did not care. Before the opening of WWDC 2009 was 12 days, everything has already been decided, the opponent was waiting for a raise…

On this issue I’ll cover another time, but a few words should be said now: the new MacBook Unibody, almost indistinguishable from a MacBook Pro, renamed 13-inch MacBook Pro. The MacBook was the only computer.

27 may 2009 prior to this was 12 days, customers are willing to take a Unibody MacBook, for a beautiful shape and gloss aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Sometimes it is better to postpone the purchase for later, only you never know.

All involved in this event, of course, was aware. Now know you.

MacBook white polycarbonate were all alone…

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June MacBook released in may

It’s funny, but this model is persistently called “June”, although the date of its appearance in the online store – may 27. Environment. Traditionally, Apple announces a new or update old on Tuesdays. But is the preparation for WWDC, bad news from Steve, which was not too. Not to superstition.

Perhaps in June it called for a massive update, and rename the “Apple” laptops during a press conference on the occasion of the opening of WWDC. Event held Phil Schiller, who was clearly not in the mood.

To remain without a Steve in a difficult time (in the throes of a born iPad) was fraught with disaster. To cope with the conflict of ideas in the star team of geniuses, and to direct the released in these collisions energy in a constructive direction could not be anyone other than Steve.


The identifier of the model of the new MacBook and the white polycarbonate was the same as his predecessor January – MacBook5,2.

Memory was replaced by faster, PC2-6400 (800 GHz) DDR2 SDRAM.

As before, the basic set consisted of only two Gigabytes. The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M was taken away from them, at least 256 Megabytes. Experimentally it was found that all fraud: actually 9400М taken away from other tasks not less than 272 Megabytes.

For a surcharge, the RAM could be expanded up to 4 Gigabytes, when buying a computer. In fact, it can be increased to 6 Gigabytes. You and up to 8 GB, but only supports 6.

Replaced processor, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz (P7400) “Penryn”, with the same size of second level cache (3 Megabytes).

Instead of a drive capacity of 120 GB in the base configuration included disk capacity of 160 Gigabytes. Both the frequency of rotor rotation – 5 400 rpm.

In the list of drives that offer extra fee added disk 500 GB with the same frequency of rotation of the rotor. Except it was a list of drives, 250 and 320 Gigabytes.

I almost forgot – supplied MacBook white with a fresh version of Mac OS X (it is already renamed in OS X, to register the new name as a trade mark was close to completion), Mac OS 10.5.7.

After the official release of Mac OS 10.6 “Snow Leopard” 10.5.7 package was replaced with 10.6. By doing this silently, as if something shy.


Refresh it in your memory, and will correct one inaccuracy in the description of the January version of the white MacBook.

The clock frequency of frontal system bus – 1066 MHz.

Built-in iSight, IR receiver (compatible only with Apple Remote, but now need to buy separately).

Interface with a hard disk SATA II (3 Gbps), not SATA. In the January option is also SATA II.

2 USB 2.0, 1 Firewire 400 port (which was more than any one Mac), Gigabit Ethernet, 8x DL SuperDrive, AirPort Extreme (802.11 a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR built-in Mini-DVI.

In the list of available options – Apple USB modem for $ 49.

The display is austere, but quite decent, with a diagonal of 13.3 inch (33.8 cm), with a native resolution of 1280×800, glossy (the audience loves all the bright).

The external monitor supported resolutions up to 1920×1200.

Because of this Firewire 400 the MacBook, like its predecessor, was a bestseller.


It would seem that the fate of the remnant of the plastic era was a foregone conclusion: boring, infrequent updates, no intrigue and twists and turns – but life is richer and more interesting than we think.

In October, with a plastic MacBook ohms thing happened…

To be continued

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