LumiWatch smart watch turning your arm into a touch screen

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LumiWatch ساعة ذكية تحول ذراعك إلى شاشة تعمل باللمس

Revealed researchers at Carnegie Mellon University of America, unveiled a new smart Watch called LumiWatch unique, where you can transform part of his arm into a touch screen to allow you to zoom in and out and scrolling fast as you would on your smartphone.

He says the initial form of H LumiWatch drop interactive area on the user’s arm allowing him to on the skin of your arm in this area in order to use the former.

The model also shows the initial how to work the device interface where you can scroll to the left to unlock the former, then the application is displayed on the arm. The authority can know the data at a distance of up to 40 centimeters with a resolution of 1024 x 400 pixels, the researchers said that this space is the largest 5 times almost of generally accepted smart watches.

Consists hours LumiWatch SMART Board, electronic key and a data Projector and a reflection of the depth of containers, metal and battery. Used projector Data Projector-built by the three colors laser : red, blue and green as it works efficiently in the presence of sunlight.

The display device data, the existing hourly report of the scanning laser strongly lighting up to 15 lumens the lumen, with the support of the tracking of two-dimensional fingers.

Specification H LumiWatch smart:

This watch comes with a processor quad-core 1.2 GHz processor from Qualcomm, and that the arrival of random 768 MB memory internal storage capacity of 4 GB, with a lithium battery with a capacity of 740 mA/hour in addition to the support contact Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And running Android 5.1, the researchers found that previous work in the mode of data display for more than an hour, and with intermittent usage expect to use the battery for a full day.

The researchers said in the research paper for the project : “although obstacles still remain for practical application, however, we believe that our work demonstrates the first system to the smart watch works with job offer Functional Projection, and this constitutes significant progress.”

Some of these obstacles include the difficulty in data display Projecting somewhere like the arm because it is not perfectly flat – it often leads to an imbalance in the data view.

It is worth mentioning that the former detects the time where the user job to pass to the left to unlock the former, and then keeps track of the user’s finger to address and improve the angle of projection so as to be actually usable.

The former is currently not available for purchase but researchers believe that the expected cost of a prototype than an hour LumiWatch up to $ 600, and you will come sized 50 x 41 x 17 mm which is considered much larger than the Apple watch which is of dimensions up to 42.5 x 36.4 x 11.4 millimeters.

LumiWatch smart watch turning your arm into a touch screen

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