Loophole WhatsApp New allows to skip the privacy settings

Announced the service, WhatsApp for marinas owned by Facebook has recently discovered a security vulnerability that allows users of iPhone to reduce my privacy settings, and after that inform the users about the problem on social networks.

Come remark in time as the various applications and services delivery towards improving the security and privacy of its users, so the impact of receiving Facebook a lot of criticism for not protecting its users ‘ privacy.

You feature the privacy of WhatsApp to allow users of the iPhone application to confirm their identity via the fingerprint Touch ID or fingerprint Face ID for open app is, but users found they were able to avoid the need for it by trying to share anything via WhatsApp, when you login directly.

Users can change the settings by making WhatsApp requires confirmation of the identity of the user to immediately open it in every time you open the app, or to request confirmation of identity several times during each hour.

This company has been suspended on this issue, stating that it is working to resolve currently and asked the users to make settings to confirm the identity the instant when you open the app

Source: Reuters

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