Looks like the screen of Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+?

In a Network there are a number of images, creating an idea about the design of Samsung Galaxy S10+. First of all, users will be able to see the screen hole is equipped with a double selfie-camera innovations, unless, of course, is exactly what the mobile device will be shown to the world market leader for smart phones. Design one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019 also shows the render, including comparing it with the base model in the lineup — the Galaxy S10.

Users still had doubts that Samsung will make the screen of the Galaxy S10+ oblong hole. But in a Network there in advance of the image protective film of the screen, which is further confirmation of the previously seen information. The message came from @IceUniverse and was reviewed by Peter (Peter) on the resource page gsmarena.com.

The screen of Samsung Galaxy S10+ — with one hole for two cameras

Samsung Galaxy S10+?

IceUniverse is considered a reliable source of information about upcoming Samsung devices and they were placed the image of the “protectors” of the display of the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S10+. The image shows that the front panel of the smartphone will be equipped with two selfie-chambers, between which is the visible distance and it is on the film opaque.

Samsung Galaxy S10+?

However, the distance between the cameras is not so great that it could be a useful screen space. In addition, it also demonstrates the concept of creating an idea of what to look for Galaxy S10+. It is noticeable that the lower and upper limits of smartphone talkie more than generation devices Galaxy S9.

Than Samsung Galaxy S10+ differs from the Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10?

The Network is also shown another picture in which Galaxy S10+ located to the right from the base model Galaxy S10, equipped with one selfie camera. For camera also meant a hole in the screen, but round.

New information accompanied by a message that “almost all” phone 2019 will be characterized by holes in the displays. This is probably an exaggeration, but, it seems, the screen holes will become a trend, especially for flagship mobile devices.

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