Looks like the remote.. the specification of the phone company Essential mysterious

Maybe obvious to some that a company Essential is the first of bucked the identical design of the phones when I made her phone the PH-1 to the first note, even before the iPhone X. And here is the back after more than two years with a phone that vaguely resembles “remote”.


Andy Rubin Chief Executive Officer-Mobile and former president of the Department of development of Android at Google, posted pictures of the phone company new dimensions resemble the dimensions of the TV remote, stressing that it comes with one totally new user.

Displays the phone offers dimensions of Long user interface designed for the elements and content of applications the form of Cards. There is a button either side of the sole, and the reader of the fingerprint service, down what looks like main camera alone next to its LED flash is small in size. The top right of the screen there’s a hole may contain a front camera.


Confirmed a spokesperson to The Verge that the review, photos and videos is a phone She new he said, adding that the device is that the company has devoted its efforts to develop it, which is now in the testing phase of the building.

After a few hours of the tweet, Andy., high-grade account essentials on Twitter a picture of the phone with its bright colours and changing depending on the lighting.

Grated to like this phone unique and may exhibit price is cheap, as it comes with a processor from the medium category, namely the Snapdragon 730, to buy Android 10 from the fund, but with an interface that is familiar as we have mentioned.

Since the sound source is the CEO, We expect to not delay the launch of the phone a lot, you guys are excited for the new model of smart phone?

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