Look at the video platform Instagram IGTV

Since I have developed Facebook in 2012, Instagram in achieving amazing growth too, making it the largest of snapchat 5 times, which is now apparently required to compete with YouTube.

It is understood that it is not valid for Facebook to build a social platform to be alternative to its main, Skip to the Instagram in the video clips, images and visual content only makes it more competitive with snapchat, youtube, Pinterest and sales on this part of the content.

In an event witnessed a strong presence of the press and fans in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company announced a new application for video vertical allows the IGTV.

The new app is available independently of Instagram, too, will be on the form tab a new platform-Instagram, therefore hitting two birds with one stone, the first is to create a new application and achieve the famous and popular big fast and better growth, the second is to increase the time spent by users on Instagram Independent to now about the mess in the social network the largest in the world.

Stressed co-founder Kevin seem to many people who spend considerable time on Instagram these days, also revealed that the app now has over a billion monthly active users.

The entry of Instagram into the video clips the longest level period of time is widely available, which was confirmed by the site TechCrunch during the financial period. The company confirmed that through its declaration on IGTV.

The IGTV, you can use the videos and vertical long for ten minutes (in an hour videos on Instagram on a period of time not exceeding one minute).

And Instagram some exceptions for content creators who have a huge audience where they can post up to 60 minutes of video.

Will record all videos IGTV in advance, not directly, although the Product Manager Instagram Mr. Ashley Yuki pointed out that the video is something that will remain for the company in the future.

Unlike the application of Instagram master, who knows the story bubbles in the top of the page and displays the video clips that are posted on accounts in the form of publications of the Compendium of the ordinary, will appear videos IGTV as a series of thumbnails rectangular at the bottom of the page originator. After clicking on one, the video to Full Screen Mode. In the bottom right corner of each video, there are three symbols the same you see now on Instagram is the Like button which is a heart, bubble comments, and a tool joint which provides watching videos through direct messages.

Trying to style Instagram in the IGTV what I did with the Boomerang, the independent app to create video loops a second, which are also found within Instagram.

In the meantime, it would be IGTV exists as an application to own an asset within the application Instagram main. It is the same strategy used by Facebook with Messenger when it was just a feature in the social network and then turned it into an integrated application and service independent, as their use requires to download the application, in addition to the main application Facebook.

The company explained the aim behind the expansion is to launch this app, and talk on it looking for a new generation of users supported by the video long.

She’s trying to attract a new generation of consumers who consume increasingly videos on mobile devices. He cited both the sister and Yoko statements indicate that adolescents smiles are constantly on TV and viewership fell by about 40 per cent of what they were doing just five years ago.

Says Systrom on stage at the event: “the tools that we use to watch TV old.” She added: “think about it, we still share the videos have been formatted for the TV screen on the vertical”.

I don’t doubt that smart phones and video vertical has acquired a large segment of users watch video on mobile. Up TV services on demand such as Netflix now offer video vertically for mobile devices.

From the perspective of the consumer and create content, put IGTV himself directly against youtube, the latter has just announced that it has more than 1.9 million users per month are registered.

Hopes the new home of the Facebook – Instagram to be the best place for content creators to distribute video long, hoping Instagram can be used by content creators on staff, such as the Star of Vine the previous Lele Pons, who was present at the event, which has over 25 million followers on Instagram.

The app was launched with a group of the stars of the video selected in advance, including publishers such as National Geographic, which was watched by more than 88 million followers on Instagram, and brands such as Benefit cosmetics, but it will be open to anyone who uses Instagram in the coming weeks.

Although the service IGTV won’t know any ads on the videos are currently users it is obvious to see the advent of the ads to the region during the coming period.

Said system to a group of reporters after the event: “we are now focusing on building understanding, and there are no ads in the IGTV in the first day”. She added: “but this place is reasonable in the end, it is clear that there is a way for creators to break their strength and because they spend their lives in doing so. Knowing that ads are shown already on some videos for creators on Facebook”.

With the exception of advertising, there are still some major differences between the IGTV and YouTube products, the largest of which is ways of dealing with coordination. Represents youtube view the first offer through the internet not only for content creators to digital only, but also to the content of music television and mainstream. For video horizontal, not normal to music videos or clips of dialogue in the late night.

Can the YouTube also experience feelings of personal In addition to social experience, where you can watch it on your phone, but you can also send videos to the TV, or run on a computer to a group of friends huddled. The same can be said for Twitch, a Live streaming service which was acquired by Amazon and is very popular with fans of the games.

Even if Instagram is on something of a video head is long, is likely to continue IGTV many of the same challenges faced by YouTube in the past. Although Systrom has indicated that they want content creators to earn their living from this, it is often said that College is easier said than done, and will be on the company to know how to compensate content creators when the arrival of the ads. (Influential people in Instagram get primarily the income through a partnership with the brand).

How to maintenance video clip long and it requires intensive work is more than just capturing an image, may wish to originators to receive compensation directly from Instagram for this to work.

Over the past year, struggled to YouTube to achieve a balance between the concerns of content creators on the reduced income from the advertising with lack of satisfaction of the brands from the ads that run along with the controversial content.

Will on Instagram also decide carefully how to layout adjust the IGTV. Where we have to build a good service does not target hate speech and the news fake, as we know, to enable surveillance and to hire editors humans and supervisors is not enough in order to adjust the work of the organization, usually the supervisor only a few seconds to look at the picture before making a decision on whether it violates the guidelines of the website or not often be impossible to conduct the same type of government on the video clip duration up to an hour.

The company confirmed the U.S. they employ more staff and train human spammers to enable monitoring and processing of notifications and make decisions better with the violations and different situations.

This means that the IGTV new service for videos of the main column, is a new adventure from the company and a step to compete with YouTube and video broadcast, at the same time, the service company will be a lot and in the face of new problems encountered youtube at least.


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